Continuous Flight Auger (Cfa) Method For Piling

  • Equipment And Working Platform
  • Setting Out Of Piles
  • Lateral Support Of Drilled Hole Side
  • Pile Excavation
  • Concreting
  • Disposal Of Excavated Materials
  • Placing Of Steel Reinforcement

Temporary Casing Method Of Piling

  • Setting Out Of Pile Lay-Out
  • Positioning Equipments
  • Driving Temporary Casing
  • Boring
  • Reinforcement Cage Preparation & Installation
  • Concreting
  • Extracting Temporary Casing

Load Testing Procedure

  • Testing Equipments
  • Pile Selection
  • Time Of Testing
  • Application Of Test Load
  • Zero To Working Load
  • Working Load To Zero
  • Zero To Test Load
  • Test Load To Zero
  • Graphs
  • Failure Of Load Test

Rotary Method (With Bentonite) For PilingEquipment And Working Platform

  • Surveying and Setting Out
  • Installation of Temporary Casing
  • Drilling with Bentonite
  • Fabrication and Installation of
    Steel Cage
  • Concreting
  • Extraction of Temporary Casing

Secant Wall Method Of Piling

  • Construction of Guide Wall
  • Installation of Casing
  • Auger Drilling of Primary Borehole
  • Concreting of Primary Borehole
  • Auger Drilling of Secondary Borehole
  • Concreting of Secondary Borehole
  • Repetition of the Process

Sheet Pile Installation Method

  • Sheet Pile Driving
  • Placing And Driving
  • Cutting Off And Splicing
  • Inspection Of Driven Piling

Diaphragm WallsSheet Pile Driving

  • A narrow trench excavated areas
  • Deep basements
  • Used in congested areas
  • Close to existing structures

Our Equipment are so versatile that they can be used for :

  • Continuous Flight Auger (CFA) or
  • Bored Piles using Temporary Casing

APT Possesses 6 Kinds Piling Rigs :

  • SoilMec CM-48 (Computerized System)
  •  SoilMec 412 (Computerized System).
  •  SoilMec EC-30
  • Casagrande B180HD (Dual System)
  • Casagrande B250HD (Dual System)
  • Casagrande B125 (Computerized System)