Owner: Plus Properties
  Name: Skygardens Tower
  Location: Reem Island, Abu Dhabi
  Consultant: Architectural Consulting Group
  Status: Piling to Commence on Jan 2009
  Contract Value: Dhs. 6,500,000.00
  Scope of Working: Enabling Works


Skygardens residential tower in Al Reem Island Abu Dhabi brings you a garden life in the sky experience like no other. It has always been a challenge to bring a concrete or iron tower to life. Any floor you choose will give you the feeling of living in your grand beach villa, with your garden in front of you, pushing your senses to their limits.

Type: Residential
International Architect: James Law Cybertecture
Local Architect: Architectural Consulting Group – ACG  
Contractor: Taahud General Contracting Co.
Master Developer: Tamouh Investments
Website: www.reemisland.com

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